Monday, February 9, 2009

Is it so important?

What is traditional dance? Why do I have to know about it? I live in this modern era where internet and machine controlled everything. If I want to know about traditional dance, I can search it through the internet without having difficulties. That should be the first thought of many teenagers around the world including Malaysia when they were asked about traditional dance.
I think that we should know about our culture because having an identity make our life become meaningful. Most people will be clueless if they were asked about their root, their tradition and their culture. Holding our tradition such as traditional dance should be the responsibilities of all generations not only the older. Teenagers should try and learn from the old generation about their traditional dance. I have once tried the “zapin dance” which I found very hard to learn. This dance consists of several steps and routine that should be done in the performance. Both female and male have difference steps and routine and if both of it were combined together, the performance was lovely. For professional dancers, the learning process may take several days but for a beginner like me, it may take several weeks. It may become fun if we appreciate it as part of ourselves but it may look dull and bored for a modern person like me.
Even though it does not suit my lifestyle, I still think that youngsters should know a bit about the traditional dance. If we do not uphold our culture, who else will do so?

Double Trouble

Learning is a thing that most people find it hard to do. The word can actually make some people stop breathing when they are asked to do so. Learning can be hard to people who have no goals in their life. I find it very irritating because after 21 years of living in this world, I eventually find out that I am the laziest person in the entire universe. I come to think that learning is the worst word ever created but I am wrong. The word “learning” can be even worse if you plus it with the word “drama”. Here is what I think about the word “DRAMA”.

Doubtfully interesting

Rationally boring

Absolutely not fun



I am not saying that I don’t like drama at all. It is not that worse actually but most of the learning part is boring. Based on my experience of accounting something about art, the learning process will take us back to the year where the word “technology” does not even exist. Most or should I say all the story is about our great-great-great grandfather history. Why should we look at the back if we can actually move forward? If you keep looking at your past, you will never write your own story or maybe history.

It cannot be denied that it is important to look at the past to keep you on the right track but people who succeed is the one who came out of their cocoon. Edison will not light the world if he keeps looking at his failure. He doesn’t even think that it is a fail experiment but he said that it is just a step to success. So, what I want to say here is we should invent our own story and not referring to the past. In that way, learning drama can be interesting because everything that we learn is something new.

Is there anyone that agrees on my opinion? It is just my own ways of looking at something and it doesn’t reflect on someone who is dead or still alive. If it seems similar to people in real life, it is just a coincidence.