Sunday, April 5, 2009

The closure of a wonderful chapter

This blogging thing really make myself a new person. It is like reading a chapter of a book that contains a lot of interesting thing. Sometimes we have to look for a clue to search a new item and sometimes we are having a wonderful party inside a big house. Every part is different from others and it makes me become interested to continue blogging eventhough this course has come to an end. I like blogging rather than e-forum because by blogging, I can have my own space of writing. It can be said that you are writing a storybook and every post is a new chapter. You can somehow connects to other blog and give your opinion to others if you like to do so. It is no right or wrong in blogging as long as you don’t hurt others feeling in your post. The rest is a wonderful thing and I hope that I can continue doing the blog as my hobby. Adios to everyone and I hope you will also continue blogging.

The Play, Then The Writer

Meeting Kee Thuan Chye is one of the wonderful event that happens in this course. He is famous because of his creative work and it is quite an honour to meet him. He is funny in some sense but what attracts me the most is how he thinks of something. He will definitely have different view from others. If we ask him a question, he will surely come up with a good answer and also a good question to the questioner. When I am meeting Kee Thuan Chye, I plan to ask him one question. Why do he has to revise the play if he can actually end it up and start to write a new play. Thank God that Dr. Edwin also is eager to know from him about this thing. Kee Thuan Chye answer is he does not satisfy with the play so he wants to revise it until he really thinks that it should come to an end.

His answer make me wonder that in this world, it is hard for us to satisfy ourselves. There must be some things that we are not satisfy of and it is the same with writing a play. We will make sure that it is the best play so that we can look at it in a proud way. Another aspect of Kee Thuan Chye that makes me respect of him is about his willingness to accept others opinion toward his work. He thinks that every account of people comments should be taken to consideration. Isn’t it wonderful? It is quite hard to find a people that is willing to take comment even though it does not helping at all. Thanks to Mr. Kee Thuan Chye for his willingness. I am proud to meet you and I hope that you will be successful writer.

An experience of a lifetime

After finishing the whole stages, I feel very satisfy with myself. It is not an easy job to do eventhough the situation is not real. I can say that preparing a lesson is very difficult and I think that I should ask for forgiveness to all my teacher. Doing the micro teaching sounds easy but conducting it is a tough job. When I compare the micro teaching with the real situation at school, it just cover about 10% of it. A situation in school is definitely different since you have to deal with many kind of students. Handling a class is a tough thing and if you fail to handle the class, you might not able to teach them a single thing.

Another thing that bothers me most is preparing the lesson plan. I think about the difficulty of doing so every day. If you are a teacher, do you have the time to plan for the lesson in just a single day. You have to teach about 3 level of class and how can you come out with 3 lesson plan in a short time. I really impress what a teacher can do. If there is a person that says a teacher is only a job for lazy people, I will definitely teach them what is the difficulty of being a teacher. Hopefully the person can learn a lesson that being a teacher is difficult. I am still imagining myself as a teacher and I am wondering how long can I stand to be a teacher?

Pre-reading and While-reading: A thought of a micro teacher

After doing the set induction, I have to continue doing the pre and while-reading stages. BY doing all the stages, I can award myself as a MICRO TEACHER. It is close enough to a teacher. It is quite a hard thing to do since the play that I choose has also attracted my friend to do so. I think almost half of the class are doing the play “The Ring Doesn’t Fit”. So, it is a bigger problem for me to choose what element that I should teach to my students. Finally I choose to teach setting of time in that play. I plan to do some interactive activity and I think it is quite interactive since all the students are eager to answer the questions. Accept some of them that busy doing the evaluation for other group.

I think my activity can be more interesting if I have enough time to do so. In this stages of micro teaching, all the class have to rush because there are still many people haven presenting and there is only a short time to do so. So, we have to limit the time and I think that this really make my mind become haywire. As for me, I have to do work in a peaceful way and I cannot do it under pressure. What I like about this stages is the variety of teaching skills. Some of my friend really born to be a teacher because she can makes the class become interesting under the tense situation. What an amazing teacher. I hope that I can learn something from her.

Set Induction: I hope there is a chance

Micro teaching is one of the requirement of this course and I have to choose one of the play to be my teaching material. I decided to teach the play “The Ring doesn’t Fit” by Tan Kee Aun. Teaching is not an easy job to do since it involves a lot of thing. You have to know what should you do and what will you do. Set Induction is the most important part of the lesson since it plays important role in attracting the students attention. If you spoil the whole set induction, your lesson will never be a success.

In my set induction, I show a slideshow of multi racial couple getting married with different costume. I ask the students to guess which ethnic or race does the couple belongs to. I guess it really grabs students attention but if I am given the second chance, I will follow what Lam Hui Nee did in her set induction. She shows the student a funny video clips that contain a cute bunny as the main character. It really attracts the students attention since the bunny is very cute and funny. She makes the students become curious to know more about the video clip when she pauses it at the right time. I am the evaluator and I become eager to answer the question even though I am not required to do so. I think I should somehow use her set induction as a reference. A special thanks to Lam Hui Nee.

Movie or Play?

A play should be written by a talented writer. Do you believe it? I don’t think so because I have written a play an most of my friend think that it is wonderful. For your information, I’m not talented at all. I have never written a play or maybe a poem before. This course really put me into a new situation. A play write really put you into a new world since it is different from reality. In a play, you can try to create a new world, a world of your own without even bothering about others.

When I write the play, I try to make it as interesting as possible by adding some illogical scene. I compare it with some movies that contain interesting acts and scenes such as Van Helsing and Armageddon. Those movies contain a lot of interesting effects but if you ask those people behind the scene of the movie to conduct a play, can they make the effect as powerful and memorable as the movie. A play is different from the movie because everything you do is spontaneous. You cannot edit the play and at some effect to it. Everything must be done at that time when you present it to the audience. I really proud of the people that put their effort of doing play in front of the audience. There is no cutting and editing of the play when you present it. It is not similar with making a movie. So, a grate applause to all the people behind the play. Thanks for your good effort.

Elizabeth The Female Ruler

Elizabeth The Golden Age is a nice movie. Eventhough the title does not grab my attention, the story does so. I am shocked that I can stay awake watching the movie even though I am not interested in that type of story. What make me feels that it is different from others is the main character. The main character is a woman and what makes her become interesting is she rules a kingdom. How can you imagine that a woman can rule a kingdom and lead it to peaceful and harmony state. Usually woman is referred by people as weaker than man.

History also state that they are the one that lead to the downfall of an empire. There must be a conflict that lead o the change of the ruler and invasion from other kingdom. So how can Elizabeth be such a powerful ruler? What is so special about her? I think that the most important factor that she has is the ability to control her emotion. Most female ruler fails to control their emotion but Elizabeth is different. She is willing to keep aside her feeling towards man and focuses on her work as a ruler. I really feel impress by her and I think from now on, I should change my perception towards woman. Woman should be given chance as equal as man but they should not betray the trust that man gives to them.

Oedipus and Nemo

Oedipus the King is one of the play that I should learn this semester. I am eager to know about this play. After several week of learning it, I understand that Oedipus is one of the play that make me think about God’s plan towards human. We must obey the flow that God has plan for us and don’t even dare to ask for more. We must be grateful for the thing that God give to us. In the case of Oedipus, he is eager to find the truth eventhough Teiresias have said that it does not bring any good for him if he knows the truth. If he follows what Teiresias says, he will not end up as the blind beggar.
I remember watching a movie entitle “Finding Nemo”. Nemo is somehow similar to Oedipus in certain aspects. He is a curious clown fish that likes to explore new things around him. His father is afraid that he will hurt himself if he doesn’t stop being curious. His father has restricts him from exploring the deep sea but he insists to do so. After that, he get caught by the fishermen in the deep sea. His curiosity is somehow similar to Oedipus and both of them end up to be punished by their own action. Always remember that you should listen to someone who have more experience than yourself. Don’t put your ego too high until you cannot reach it. Always remember that there is a power up there who is more high and powerful than yourself.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Is it so important?

What is traditional dance? Why do I have to know about it? I live in this modern era where internet and machine controlled everything. If I want to know about traditional dance, I can search it through the internet without having difficulties. That should be the first thought of many teenagers around the world including Malaysia when they were asked about traditional dance.
I think that we should know about our culture because having an identity make our life become meaningful. Most people will be clueless if they were asked about their root, their tradition and their culture. Holding our tradition such as traditional dance should be the responsibilities of all generations not only the older. Teenagers should try and learn from the old generation about their traditional dance. I have once tried the “zapin dance” which I found very hard to learn. This dance consists of several steps and routine that should be done in the performance. Both female and male have difference steps and routine and if both of it were combined together, the performance was lovely. For professional dancers, the learning process may take several days but for a beginner like me, it may take several weeks. It may become fun if we appreciate it as part of ourselves but it may look dull and bored for a modern person like me.
Even though it does not suit my lifestyle, I still think that youngsters should know a bit about the traditional dance. If we do not uphold our culture, who else will do so?

Double Trouble

Learning is a thing that most people find it hard to do. The word can actually make some people stop breathing when they are asked to do so. Learning can be hard to people who have no goals in their life. I find it very irritating because after 21 years of living in this world, I eventually find out that I am the laziest person in the entire universe. I come to think that learning is the worst word ever created but I am wrong. The word “learning” can be even worse if you plus it with the word “drama”. Here is what I think about the word “DRAMA”.

Doubtfully interesting

Rationally boring

Absolutely not fun



I am not saying that I don’t like drama at all. It is not that worse actually but most of the learning part is boring. Based on my experience of accounting something about art, the learning process will take us back to the year where the word “technology” does not even exist. Most or should I say all the story is about our great-great-great grandfather history. Why should we look at the back if we can actually move forward? If you keep looking at your past, you will never write your own story or maybe history.

It cannot be denied that it is important to look at the past to keep you on the right track but people who succeed is the one who came out of their cocoon. Edison will not light the world if he keeps looking at his failure. He doesn’t even think that it is a fail experiment but he said that it is just a step to success. So, what I want to say here is we should invent our own story and not referring to the past. In that way, learning drama can be interesting because everything that we learn is something new.

Is there anyone that agrees on my opinion? It is just my own ways of looking at something and it doesn’t reflect on someone who is dead or still alive. If it seems similar to people in real life, it is just a coincidence.