Sunday, April 5, 2009

The closure of a wonderful chapter

This blogging thing really make myself a new person. It is like reading a chapter of a book that contains a lot of interesting thing. Sometimes we have to look for a clue to search a new item and sometimes we are having a wonderful party inside a big house. Every part is different from others and it makes me become interested to continue blogging eventhough this course has come to an end. I like blogging rather than e-forum because by blogging, I can have my own space of writing. It can be said that you are writing a storybook and every post is a new chapter. You can somehow connects to other blog and give your opinion to others if you like to do so. It is no right or wrong in blogging as long as you don’t hurt others feeling in your post. The rest is a wonderful thing and I hope that I can continue doing the blog as my hobby. Adios to everyone and I hope you will also continue blogging.

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