Sunday, April 5, 2009

Set Induction: I hope there is a chance

Micro teaching is one of the requirement of this course and I have to choose one of the play to be my teaching material. I decided to teach the play “The Ring doesn’t Fit” by Tan Kee Aun. Teaching is not an easy job to do since it involves a lot of thing. You have to know what should you do and what will you do. Set Induction is the most important part of the lesson since it plays important role in attracting the students attention. If you spoil the whole set induction, your lesson will never be a success.

In my set induction, I show a slideshow of multi racial couple getting married with different costume. I ask the students to guess which ethnic or race does the couple belongs to. I guess it really grabs students attention but if I am given the second chance, I will follow what Lam Hui Nee did in her set induction. She shows the student a funny video clips that contain a cute bunny as the main character. It really attracts the students attention since the bunny is very cute and funny. She makes the students become curious to know more about the video clip when she pauses it at the right time. I am the evaluator and I become eager to answer the question even though I am not required to do so. I think I should somehow use her set induction as a reference. A special thanks to Lam Hui Nee.

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