Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pre-reading and While-reading: A thought of a micro teacher

After doing the set induction, I have to continue doing the pre and while-reading stages. BY doing all the stages, I can award myself as a MICRO TEACHER. It is close enough to a teacher. It is quite a hard thing to do since the play that I choose has also attracted my friend to do so. I think almost half of the class are doing the play “The Ring Doesn’t Fit”. So, it is a bigger problem for me to choose what element that I should teach to my students. Finally I choose to teach setting of time in that play. I plan to do some interactive activity and I think it is quite interactive since all the students are eager to answer the questions. Accept some of them that busy doing the evaluation for other group.

I think my activity can be more interesting if I have enough time to do so. In this stages of micro teaching, all the class have to rush because there are still many people haven presenting and there is only a short time to do so. So, we have to limit the time and I think that this really make my mind become haywire. As for me, I have to do work in a peaceful way and I cannot do it under pressure. What I like about this stages is the variety of teaching skills. Some of my friend really born to be a teacher because she can makes the class become interesting under the tense situation. What an amazing teacher. I hope that I can learn something from her.

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