Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oedipus and Nemo

Oedipus the King is one of the play that I should learn this semester. I am eager to know about this play. After several week of learning it, I understand that Oedipus is one of the play that make me think about God’s plan towards human. We must obey the flow that God has plan for us and don’t even dare to ask for more. We must be grateful for the thing that God give to us. In the case of Oedipus, he is eager to find the truth eventhough Teiresias have said that it does not bring any good for him if he knows the truth. If he follows what Teiresias says, he will not end up as the blind beggar.
I remember watching a movie entitle “Finding Nemo”. Nemo is somehow similar to Oedipus in certain aspects. He is a curious clown fish that likes to explore new things around him. His father is afraid that he will hurt himself if he doesn’t stop being curious. His father has restricts him from exploring the deep sea but he insists to do so. After that, he get caught by the fishermen in the deep sea. His curiosity is somehow similar to Oedipus and both of them end up to be punished by their own action. Always remember that you should listen to someone who have more experience than yourself. Don’t put your ego too high until you cannot reach it. Always remember that there is a power up there who is more high and powerful than yourself.

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  1. Isn`t amazing! that you can compare Oedipus with finding nemo. Isn`t nice to think that you are the most powerful man in the earth. Yes i do agree with you but sometimes we can`t stop what make us curious. Same as Oedipus, his intentions is to stop the plague but end up with his own tragedy. Well that was a history and we learn from history. It is a foolish to make the history repeats! Control you ego and be humble =)