Sunday, April 5, 2009

Movie or Play?

A play should be written by a talented writer. Do you believe it? I don’t think so because I have written a play an most of my friend think that it is wonderful. For your information, I’m not talented at all. I have never written a play or maybe a poem before. This course really put me into a new situation. A play write really put you into a new world since it is different from reality. In a play, you can try to create a new world, a world of your own without even bothering about others.

When I write the play, I try to make it as interesting as possible by adding some illogical scene. I compare it with some movies that contain interesting acts and scenes such as Van Helsing and Armageddon. Those movies contain a lot of interesting effects but if you ask those people behind the scene of the movie to conduct a play, can they make the effect as powerful and memorable as the movie. A play is different from the movie because everything you do is spontaneous. You cannot edit the play and at some effect to it. Everything must be done at that time when you present it to the audience. I really proud of the people that put their effort of doing play in front of the audience. There is no cutting and editing of the play when you present it. It is not similar with making a movie. So, a grate applause to all the people behind the play. Thanks for your good effort.

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