Sunday, April 5, 2009

Elizabeth The Female Ruler

Elizabeth The Golden Age is a nice movie. Eventhough the title does not grab my attention, the story does so. I am shocked that I can stay awake watching the movie even though I am not interested in that type of story. What make me feels that it is different from others is the main character. The main character is a woman and what makes her become interesting is she rules a kingdom. How can you imagine that a woman can rule a kingdom and lead it to peaceful and harmony state. Usually woman is referred by people as weaker than man.

History also state that they are the one that lead to the downfall of an empire. There must be a conflict that lead o the change of the ruler and invasion from other kingdom. So how can Elizabeth be such a powerful ruler? What is so special about her? I think that the most important factor that she has is the ability to control her emotion. Most female ruler fails to control their emotion but Elizabeth is different. She is willing to keep aside her feeling towards man and focuses on her work as a ruler. I really feel impress by her and I think from now on, I should change my perception towards woman. Woman should be given chance as equal as man but they should not betray the trust that man gives to them.

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