Sunday, April 5, 2009

An experience of a lifetime

After finishing the whole stages, I feel very satisfy with myself. It is not an easy job to do eventhough the situation is not real. I can say that preparing a lesson is very difficult and I think that I should ask for forgiveness to all my teacher. Doing the micro teaching sounds easy but conducting it is a tough job. When I compare the micro teaching with the real situation at school, it just cover about 10% of it. A situation in school is definitely different since you have to deal with many kind of students. Handling a class is a tough thing and if you fail to handle the class, you might not able to teach them a single thing.

Another thing that bothers me most is preparing the lesson plan. I think about the difficulty of doing so every day. If you are a teacher, do you have the time to plan for the lesson in just a single day. You have to teach about 3 level of class and how can you come out with 3 lesson plan in a short time. I really impress what a teacher can do. If there is a person that says a teacher is only a job for lazy people, I will definitely teach them what is the difficulty of being a teacher. Hopefully the person can learn a lesson that being a teacher is difficult. I am still imagining myself as a teacher and I am wondering how long can I stand to be a teacher?

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